We produce and have experience in the following areas:


1. OPV Maize Seed namely Matuba, Mocuba, Changalane & Sussuma Varieties

2. Hybrid Maize Seed 3 way cross namely Olipa and Molocue Varieties

3. Soya Bean Seed namely Soprano, TGX-1740-2F (Wamine), TGX-1908-1F (Wami), TGX-1904-6F, TGX-1936-6F

    (Zamboane) and TGX-1904-6F Varieties

4. Cowpeas / Nhemba Seed namely brown Sugar, IT16, IT18, INIA 36, IT00K-126-4 and IT97K-1069 Varieties

5. Sorghum Seed Macia Variety

6. Boer Bean Seed ICAP00020 Variety

7. Pigeon Pea Seed A222 and NUA-45 Variety

8. Sweet Potato Vitamin A vines and potatoes namely Irene, Bella, Namanga, Sumaia, Erica Varieties


Other Activities & Production

1. Mushroom production and training for Oyster and ran out grower program for ADIPSA

2. Hydroponics namely Chilli Pepper & Lettuce

3. Horticulture

4. Renewable Energy Systems

5. Sustainable Farming Concepts

6. Agri-Equipment; Implements; Supplies and Accessories

7. Agricultural inputs

8. Consultancy and Training Services

9. Agri-Processing under Lozane Foods Brand.

10. Livestock Breeding & Production

11. Poultry & Fish Production

12. Organic Fruit & Vegetable Production under Flona Foods Uganda (