For a number of decades Africans especially the rural population depended a lot on donations in all sectors of life. This was a result of both the independence struggle and civil unrests and disputes which have ended in the recent decades generally though existent in +/- 10 countries to date. The post-independence, civil unrest and dispute era saw an increase in such donations on food supplies since the Macro Farming activities had been affected and Micro Farming activities that were never considered as viable were at a minimum or rather for subsistent benefits. As donations started drying out micro farming activities were noticed here and there. Small scale farmers targeting commercial benefits emerged in a scattered manner in all parts of the countries within Africa. Lozane Farms is a non- racial, thought Seed; Agro-Production; Family Business and Leadership Consultancy Company founded in Mozambique 2003 and in South Africa in 2013 by Barkley Lozane & Tawanda Lozane, with the main purpose of influencing and developing Agro-Economic transformation of our continent, in pursuit of agro-economic benefits, developments, fairness, clean climate technology and a better living of the African. Lozane Farms pursues continued active vitality on these afore mentioned matters and aims to equip and develop Africa encouraging participation of all Africans in the Africa Get Rich in Your Culture campaign. This company stands for the development and empowerment of managerial leadership primarily amongst black people creating & developing co-operatives, communities within the micro farming sector with the help of governments, organizations, private sector, macro farmers to create managerial structures and processes for long term Agro-Business making money make sense.

Whereas Lozane Farms is non-partisan, it is apolitical. Lozane Farms is not neutral on matters of

 transformation. We are pro-transformation.